New Assessments – Effect on Rents At Conisbrough

May 1956

South Yorkshire Times May 26, 1956

New Assessments
Effect on Rents At Conisbrough

County Ald. B. Roberts, J. P., Chairman of Conisbrough Urban Council finance committee made a statement at the monthly council meeting on Friday with regard to differences among council house rents.

He said the majority of council tenants had rent increases from May 28 due to revaluation. The new valuation list is prescribed by the rating and valuation (miscellaneous provisions) Act 1955 and came into operation on April 1, 1956.

The list has been compiled by valuation offices of the board of Inland Revenue and there are material differences in the new assessments. The valuation officer has taken into account any change of circumstances where further properties have been built by tenants. For example, garages, greenhouses and sheds. These additions, excepting garages were previously ignored by the local authority for rating purposes.

“Concrete carriages carry an additional rateable value of £3, wood garages and some greenhouses according to size £2 and sheds above a certain dimension £1. These additions are reflected in the varying rate increases.

“Of necessity the inspections carried out by the valuation officer, in which the valuations are based have been undertaken over a period of many months. It may be that since the inspections certain garages, greenhouses and sheds have been removed, but they are included in the new assessments. In such cases the tenant can complete a proposal form, obtainable from the council offices to affect an appropriate reduction in the assessment.

“Tenants are reminded that although the general rate for 1956/57 was reduced from 29s to 20s in the pound the water rate levied by the Don Valley water board was only reduced by 3d in the pound i.e from 3s. 9d. to 3s. 6d. A single arithmetical calculation shows that a house formerly rated at £12 paid a water rate of 45s per annum. The same house now rated £17 will pay 59s. 6d, per annum, an increase of 14s 6d or 3 3/4d per week.

“The rateable values of pre-war council houses prior to the valuation were £8, £9 £10 and £11. These now become £12, £14, £15, and £17. Prefabricated bungalows have advanced from £9 to £11. Post-war houses on the Conanby estate previously £12, £13 and £15. And now £18 £19 £20 and £21. Post-war houses on the Windmill estate previously £12 are now £16 and £17.

“Each tenant has been supplied with the old and new rateable value and details of the individual calculations will be supplied an application to the treasurer’s department at the council offices.”