New Beer Off Licence for Conisborough

February 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times February 10, 1906

New Beer Off Licence for Conisborough

William Barlow Wells, Athelstone Road; Frederick Corner, Ivanhoe house; William John Goodlad, Garden Lane; and Joe Stenton, Park Road, all of Conisborough, applied for beer off licences.

Mr Allen appeared for W.B.Wells, the first named applicant, whose case the magistrates first considered.

Mr Baddiley said he appeared for the next two applicant, and oppose Mr Wells on the ground that the premises of either of the other two applicants were more suitable than his, but he admitted the necessity. (Laughter)

Mr Allen said they were now practically on virgin ground. A new area had sprung up in recent years, which was quite detached, and the only licence which could serve this area was the “Alma” Inn, which was 530 yards away, while the “Fox” Inn, which was nearest fully licenced house was 650 yards away.

William Barlow Wells, the applicant, having testified in corroboration of the statement, said there were now 160 houses near his shop, which was the best situated to serve the neighbourhood.

Other witnesses corroborated and spoke as to the necessity for a beer of licence in the district.

The Chairman: Before we deal with any of the other applications we will hear what the police have to say as to the necessity

Sgt Horton deposed that it was 514 yards from Wells shop to the Alma Inn, and 634 yards to the Fox Inn, which was fully licensed. There were 156 occupied houses nearer Wells premises than any licensed house. Corner’s shop was 198 yards further than Wells from the Alma Inn, and 691 yards from the Fox. Goodlad’s house was 148 yards from Cornershop, 570 yards from the Alma, and 690 yards from the Fox.

Mr Baddiley, referring to Stenton’s application, said a similar application was made last year, and refuse on the ground of non-necessity. During the year 58 more houses had been built in Lime Grove and Mount Pleasant, and 68 in another part which would be served by these premises.

The Chairman said the Bench were of the opinion that a beer off licence had become a necessity in this district, but before deciding which of the four applications they will grant they had decided to inspect the district, and a small committee will be appointed for that purpose.

The other applicants were then called to formally approve the issue of the necessary notices.