New Conisborough Assault

April 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 15 1905

A New Conisborough Assault

James Brown, miner, New Conisborough, was summoned by Bennett Hirst, another miner, and secretary of the Denaby Check Weigh Fund, for assaulting him at Conisborough on 2 April.

Mr Badilley prosecutor, says that shortly after 10 o’clock on the date name Hirst was standing talking to another man nearly opposite the Denaby Main Hotel when defendant came up on the opposite side of the road and spoke to the other man, and they had some conversation. Hirst was called across the road, and when he got there defendant struck him in the eye.

The complainant will tell them that this was not the first time has assaulted him, but he had taken no notice of it. The only reason he could assign was that he came to Denaby since the strike, and he was now secretary of the check weigh fund, whilst he was also a member of the committee of the new Fullerton Hospital.

When it was that the defendant, who was an old man, didn’t like the complainant, who was a new man, coming and taking an official position, he did not know. Complainant would call a witness, who would, however, admit nothing.

The complainant said he came to Denaby two days after the strike.. He corroborated with Mr Badilley’s statement, and said defendant had assaulted him twice previously, and he had given him no provocation.

Defendant said he was not guilty, but admitted having assaulted the complainant once before.

Samuel Dufty, who had been subpoenaed, said he did not see the assault. He went away, but saw the defendant push the complainant. Both were quarrelling. The complainant was talking about the defendant having told his wife he had drawn £2 for his week’s pay.

The defendant said complainant was drunk, and he only pushed him away as he did not want to have anything to do with him.

In answer to Mr Badley, defendant said he did not know how complainant got the black eye.

A man named Walker corroborated the defendant’s statement.

The Chairman: You admit having assaulted him once before?

Defendant: Yes, but it is sometime ago; he is not summoning me for that is he?

The chairman: No. We find you guilty and you will have to pay 10/- and 21/-costs.