New Football Era Assured At Tickhill Square In the Central Allliance

2 July 1960

South Yorkshire Times, July 2, 1960

New Football Era Is Assured At Tickhill Square

Denaby Rejoin Old “Foes” In the Central Allliance

Denaby United officials are delighted that they were successful last Saturday in gaining admission to the Central i Alliance, -which includes a number of former Midland League clubs, and which promises to provide an attractive standard of football at Tickhill Square next season.

Denaby were placed in Division I of the Northern Section, along with former Midland League opponents Gainsborough Trinity, Goole Town and Worksop Town,

There is also a Southern Section, Division 1. the two competitions being respectively 18 and 17 teams strong, and it is envisaged that after next season’s experimental stage, a premier division may be formed of the strongest sides in the’ two sections, which it is believed will produce a competition on a par with the old Midland League.

“We are delighted to have got into this League.” commented Mr. Sam Peck, the Denaby club’s president. “Whatever transpires now about the future of the Midland League, and whatever our regrets! at ending a 57-years-old association with that competition, we are quite happy in this present set up.

Happy Failure

It is probably a happy circumstance that we failed by that odd vote to gain admission to the Cheshire League. The only regret is that we shall miss our neighbours, Frickley, who were admitted to the Cheshire League, but we may still come across them in the English Cup ties.”

Mr. Peck was accompanied to the Central Alliance annual meeting at South Normanton by Mr. B, Lupton, Mr. Matt Taylor, and Mr. J. Sanderson.

Now that the anxiety is ended about next season’s activities, Mr. Arthur Roberts, secretary-manager, can go ahead with the business of team building, and a number of signings may soon be expected.

The men who were re-signed from last season’s side are G. Davey’ (goalkeeper), F. Foster (full back) B. Hirst, Howard Johnson and A. Oliver (half backs), H. Sapey and G. Lees (forwards).

Mr. Roberts said, “We are looking forward to breaking new ground, and meeting new clubs, and the football should be of a good standard to attract the supporters.

In addition to 34 league fixtures, there will be a League Cup competition, and of course, the F A. and County F.A. cup competitions.

“Another great advantage of this competition from our point of view, is that travelling for away games will be only about half of what it was in the Midland League last season,” added Mr. Peck. “Altogether we are very pleased about future prospects of football at Denaby,