New Imports Order – 50 Per Cent. Duty on Many Articles.

December 1931

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Tuesday 01 December 1931

New Imports Order.

50 Per Cent. Duty on Many Articles.

Conisborough and Swinton Hopes.

The glass bottle making works at Conisborough and Swinton stand to benefit considerably on the new 50 per cent, import duties on glass bottles and glass jars, other than scientific glassware.

For years past this industry has felt the depression caused, in a considerable degree, by unfair foreign competition, and at Mexborough formerly flourishing glass works have gone out of production.

A member of one of the still surviving local firms stated last night to a “Sheffield Telegraph” representative: “We think the new duties will have a big effect stimulating our trade. We anticipate an increased demand for our products and a marked and sustained improvement in trade.”