New Plan for The United – Don’t write Denaby United off!

April 1965

South Yorkshire Times April 10, 1965
New Plan for The United

Don’t write Denaby United off! The “Doubting Thomases”, who for the past two seasons have been forecasting the downfall of the lowly Midland League club, were in effect given this warning by club chairman, Mr. Eddie Langford.

As little as three years ago Denaby could command at the very least a “respectable” position in the league. Since then the gods have not been kind to them, but one fact has emerged – that whenever things looked blackest, the officials at Tickhill Square always had something up their sleeves.

This seems to be the case now, for Mr. Langford told me this week: “We have a plan which we are hoping to put into operation next season to help our finances and provide a really good Midland League side at Denaby.

“It will help to give the public what they want.” More than that Mr. Langford was not prepared to say.

The feeling at the Square seems to be that too much speculation at this stage would be a bad thing for the club, and that in the past Denaby United’s troubles have been over-publicised.

That is perhaps a necessary evil. It is important that the plight of Denaby United, and all the other minor league clubs who have to compete with so many attractions in this “glamorous age”, is brought into the public eye.