New School for Denaby – A Handsome Building – County Council’s Good Bargain.

April 1911

Mexborough and Denaby April 1, 1911

New School for Denaby

A Handsome Building.

County Council’s Good Bargain.

Aldermen Don and Watson Reply to County Council Critics.

The opening of the handsome new County Council elementary school in Balby street Derby Main, took place on Thursday afternoon, in dull weather, but there was a large company of education enthusiasts, which included Comity’ Alderman H. Dunn, County Alderman J. M. Watson. J.P., County Alderman C. D. Nicholson, the Rev. T. Anderson, the Rev. W. A. Strawbridge (Vicar of Conisbrough) Doctor Forster, Council and Mrs. S. Ward (Swinton), the Rev. Father Kavanagh. Mr. W. E. Sykes (Mexborough). Mr. and Mrs W. R. Hudson (Mexborough), Mrs. Twigg. Mr. C. Kilner, Mr. and Mrs. R. Williamson, Mr W Wilson, Mr A Beale (Mexborough), Reverend C.P. Mellor, Reverend F Cowles, Mr W.W. Norwood, Doctor L Ram, C.C., and Mrs Ram, Mr W Appleyard, Alderman, CD Nicholson, JP.,C.C., Mr HL Smethurst, Mr V Rose and Miss Rose, Mr B. J. Clarkson, Mr HH Ray, Mr SJ Bridges, Mr D Kilner, Miss pollard (Mexborough), Councillor A Mooney, the Reverend H Oliver (Mexborough) Mr Hoyleand others.

The school of the latest pattern, and the choice of the site is peculiarly happy. It is situated on rising land, giving facilities for covered playgrounds. Several streets converge upon it, and this has the advantage of preserving the children from the main street, with its traffic. dust and danger. The land was purchased from Mr. F. J. 0. Montagu, and is described as “dirt cheap.” the two acres being obtained for £300. Originally the Conisbrough subcommittee adopted a scheme for a school with 360 places, but the rapid growth or the neighbourhood in which the school is situated made this provision insufficient and finally the school was built to accommodate 600, at a cost of £6000.

Building was commenced I5 months ago, and the school should have been ready in December, but delay was necessitated by the alteration of the tender to the larger scheme. A larger playground attached to the school, with a boundary well seven feet high, and there is a space reserved along the southern boundary 250 foot by 20, for gardening and horticultural exercises.

There is also provision for a separate infants school, should the growth of the population demand it. The building is constructed of brick with stone dressings, and has would block and mosaic floors.

The Central Hall is 72 feet by 26 feet and the ten class-rooms converging upon the hall are 25 feet by 24feet. The two cloak-rooms are 32 feet by 21. There are three small private rooms. 12 feet square, for the use of the headmaster, and the male and female teachers respectively. The distinct slope of the site gave the architect the opportunity to include heating chambers, manual instructuai sheds and play sheds, under the school.

Mr. H. L Smethurst is the architect, and Mr. G. Downing, of Conisboro’ is the contractor.

Mr. W. Roebuck is the headmaster of the Mixed Department. He was trained at St. Mark’s College, Chelsea, and St. Luke’s. Cambridge. He has taught in Bridgenorth (Shropshire), Birmingham, and Loudon; and he is a native of Barnsley.

His staff include Mr. Hedley Gray, Miss Field, Miss Ashforth, and Miss Millman (certified), Miss Oxley (uncertified).

Miss he is the headmistress of the Infants School, and she is assisted by Mr Dick’s (35), Miss Piper and Miss Ethel Marsh (uncertified).

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