New Standard Carried to Victory at Conisbrough

September 1950

South Yorkshire Times September 23, 1950

Kilnhurst’s New Standard

Carried to Victory at Conisbrough

Mrs. Annice Cooper, of Birdwell Road, Kilnhurst, paraded with the newly-dedicated standard of Kilnhurst British Legion Women’s Section for the first time on Sunday, yesterday competing in a Don Valley Standard Bearers’ competition at Conisbrough, she won by one point.

She beat, by 94 points to 93, Mrs. P. M. Gething, Conisbrough’s standard bearer, who had previously tied with her at 90 points.

Mrs. Cooper was in the A. T. S. during the war, but never held a standard. ”We had scrubbing brushes, not standards” she said.  She had done no practising for the competition yesterday, and won against competitors from Conisbrough, Wath and Goldthorpe.

Judging the competition was R.S.M. Gittins and B.S.M. Kingston (Denaby K.O.Y.L.I.) and Mrs. H. E Cook, Women’s Section County Treasurer.

Mrs. Cooper was presented with a bouquet by Angela Wholey (7), of Low Rd, Conisbrough, also presented flowers to Mrs Cooke and to Mrs M Godber, a County representative, who had previously spoken to the assembly of representatives of Conisbrough, Denaby, Kilnhurst, Wath, Goldthorpe, Bolton and Brampton.

The two other standard bearers were Mrs O Green (Wath) and Mrs A Jackson (Goldthorpe).

Mrs Cooper will compete in the county finals and if successful in area and national competition