New System of Relief Mains at Conisbrough

November 1967

South Yorkshire Times November 18, 1967

A New System of Relief Mains at Conisbrough

An insufficient water supply in parts of Conisbrough is soon to be tackled by a new system ofrelief mains to be laid along Doncaster Road from Brook Square.

Plans for the System

Following meetings last month, Mr. L. Cawley, Engineer and Manager to the Doncaster and District Joint Water Board has outlined plans for the new system to members of the Board.

The present supply for Conisbrough comes in part from the Conanby reservoir and is affected through the mains by pressure from the Clifton reservoir which often results in insufficient water in sections of the Conisbrough pipeline.

More consistent supply would be produced if pressure in the pipes were kept at a reasonable level, and in view of this the method of pressure reducing valves has been discarded in favour of reinforcing existing roams.

At Present

The Conisbrough mains system at present consists of a nine inch pipe which runs along Gardens Lane to the junction of Old Road with Elm Green Lane and a six inch pipe which continues to Brook Square. From thence a series of three inch pipes radiate, including one supplying Doncaster Road.

The proposed plan is to continue, the nine inch pipe along to Brook Square and to lay 920 yards of six inch pipe along Doncaster Road present to reinforce the three inch pipes. `This scheme is estimated to cost a total of £15,000, but an immediate relief plan to lay the Doncaster Road mains first will only cost £9,000.