New Youth Centre – Denaby Elect Committee of Sixteen

December 1948

South Yorkshire Times December 18, 1948

New Youth Centre

Denaby Elect Committee of Sixteen

At a ‘public meeting at Denaby Miners’ Welfare Institute on Monday, a committee of sixteen was set up to act for one year as a management committee for the new Youth Centre at Denaby, which is to be officially opened on January 22nd at 2.30 p.m., by Aid. W. M. Hyman.

Three ‘members of the Trustees of Denaby Miners’ Welfare Scheme also sit upon the committee-in an advisory capacity.

Mr. Tom Hill, presiding at ,Monday’s meeting, ┬ásaid the Trustees wanted to hand over the running of the Youth Centre to a responsible working committee. They wanted three members of the Trustees to be on the committee, to help those who were running the Youth Centre. A full-time Youth Leader was to be. Appointed, but Mr. Hill said he did not know who it would be.

Mr. Hill said they did not want to stop Balby Street Youth Centre from continuing, but he hoped eventually they would be able to work together. “I think the reason for failure in many places has been too many interests. There should be one big youth centre to cater for the general public:”

Mr. L. K. Hetherington, closely connected with Balby Street Centre, said he hoped one day Mr. Hill would see the two working together. Mr. Hetherington was persuaded to accept nomination on to the committee. He felt he would like to remain loyal to the Balby Street Youth Club, and if he accepted office, his loyalties would be divided.

Several members of the gathering pressed Mr. Hetherington to accept the nomination and he was finally elected on the committee.

The committee elected was:

Messrs. I. K. Hetherington, E., Orel-, J. Proctor. P. Lunn, J. Crossland, C. Jackson, H. Woodward, J. Prendergast J.T. Stones, Mesdames D. Boylan, L. Collins, F. Gregory, C. E. Cheshire, and Misses E. Sabin and E. Bassendale. The committee will elect its own officers, and they will also serve for one year. A meeting of the committee will be held in the Miners’ Welfare Institute on Monday