No Ambulance In Village –  Conisborough Lags Behind – Road Peril.

August 1929

Sheffield Independent – Tuesday 20 August 1929

No Ambulance In Village. 
Conisborough Lags Behind
Road Peril.

The fact that a man was lying badly injured for 40 minutes in a Conisborough street, on Saturday, before he could be removed to hospital, has drawn attention to the first-aid facilities in the village.

The man, who was riding a motor-cycle, collided with Rotherham Corporation ’bus at the corner of Old road and Garden lane, and it was stated that there was considerable difficulty in getting the man to hospital owing the fact that there was no motor ambulance available, and to the removal of the ambulance box from the Co-operative store to Church Hall, Conisborough.

Mr. Charles Farrell the Superintendent of the Conisborough Corps the St. John’s Ambulance, told the “Sheffield Independent” last night that it was true that there was no motor ambulance available for use in street accidents in the village.

The Denaby and Cadeby Main Collieries have ambulance, but this was used for taking cases from the two pits to the Fullerton Hospital, and was not allowed be used for outside purposes.

Council’s Position

Unlike the Thurnscoe and Bolton-on- Dearne Urban District Councils and the Mexborough and Swinton Urban Councils, the Conisborough Urban District Council have not provided an ambulance for use in cases street accidents, and the first aid required is given by members of the local St. John’s Ambulance Brigade when they are available.

Superintendent Farrell said the ambulance box, which was the property of the local Corps, was situated at the Church Hall, and had been transferred there some time ago from the Co-operative Stores about 18 months ago.

The key to the box was available at the Police Station.