Not Giving Warning with Bicycle at Conisborough

June 1900

Mexborough and Swinton Times June 15, 1900

Not Giving Warning with Bicycle at Conisborough

Walter Hewitt, miner, new Conisbro was summoned not giving warning of approach riding a bicycle at Conisbro on the third inst.

PS Brown said that on Sunday last about 3.05 PM he was on duty in Denaby Road with PC Richardson.

They were standing near to the curb stone on the footpath, and their backs were towards New Conisborough. The defendant came down on a machine and ran into his back and knocked his cap off.

He asked defendant what he had done that for and he said he was looking at his pedal and did not see where he was going to. Seeing as he had no bell, he asked him his bell was, but he did not produce a bell, but a whistle. He told defendant that he ought to have given warning before passing anyone.

About 10 minutes later, the witness was standing in the roadway when the defendant came back in the low road. Two young feather shouted out “Is he going to summon thee?” The defendant then made a filthy remark concerning them. He saw him afterwards and told him he would be reported.

The defendant was fined 15 shillings and 10 shillings and costs