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May 1945

South Yorkshire Times May 5 1945

Not Used to Traffic Yet

Bombardier H Sewell, of 52  Braithwell Street, Denaby Main, arrived at his home last week and  was given a great welcome.

He had been a prisoner since June 12, 1940, having been taken at St Valerie in France. Bombardier Sewell, a reservist had 10 years prewar service and saw service on the front of Maginot line and on the Somme and was also evacuated from Dunkirk. Later he was at Le Havre and was finally captured as stated.

He has been in camps at Merienberg and Thorn. He escaped on a April 10th and contacted the Americans four days later. He mentioned that Ken Miller, another Denaby man, had been in the same camp and hopes that his people will hear good news of him soon.

Bombardier Sewell said that treatment of the prisoners was very bad. He had seen some of our lads being kicked about by the Nazis and struck with the buts of rifles. They had refused them a drink of pure drinking water after had done a 30 km march and had refused to allow them even potatoes or potato water which had been prepared for pigs.

During a 650 mile march they had only received rations on three occasions from the Germans. in some cases they had even spoil their Red Cross parcels and given what they thought fit, and sometimes they had mixed everything up together

Bombardier Sewell said it was grand to be home again and although he was not yet used to traffic he was pleased to find the people at home had done so well and were in our better position than the people of Germany.