Notes from Conisbro – Good Friday Prep – Quadrille Dance – Reynard’s Concert

April 1889

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 19, 1889

Notes from Conisbro

As usual Conisbro people are busy preparing for prospective visitors on Good Friday. Whitewash, paint et cetera had been in demand for some time, and places below danger before, now quite bright and small, ready for their expected all this.

If the weather is fine, there will doubtless be a great many people visit the place.

Amusement of the usual “fair” kind will be provided, but not in the castle grounds for those otherwise inclined there will be the usual services in the church.

The Primitives announce a “splendid hand and tongue tea, with home-made white bread, plum loaves and teacakes.”

Is this not tasty?

Another event that created a little stir in the village was the ball held on the fifth inst. by the members of Conisbrough Private Quadrille Party.

The beginning of the class was mentioned, and now we may chronicle what generally ends the dancing season. There was a good attendance consists of the members and friends from a kindred society at Doncaster.

Dancing was commenced just before 9 o’clock; was kept up to 5 next morning.

All thoroughly enjoyed themselves and among the men at least, it was voted “the best do ever held in Conisbrough”

We have had several concerts and musical treats this winter Conisbro but the one held last Saturday was decidedly something.

Under the Patriot of the club known as the “Bold Reynard” of the benefit of their musical fund, a smoking concert was held stop

Some good talent was provided, both by the brotherhood and from outside. The proceedings were opened by Mr Shaw’s band which officiated again at the opening of the second part of the programme.

Mr J.H. May made of Rotherham, the well-known Negro comedian, created much amusement by songs and laughable oration on the temperance question.

A Home Office on the same place was well received, Mr J Gibson, who made the company fairly roll these comic songs.

It is to be hoped that the efforts of the “ Reynard’s” will be crowned with success