Denaby Utd – Denaby 2 Gainsborough 0 – A Day Out for Denaby.

29 November 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, November 29.

A Day Out for Denaby.

Denaby 2 Gainsborough 0

The Denaby first-team players had another day out on Saturday, when they met in Gainsborough reserves in the Sheffield Association league.

The Gainsborough men had not been doing great things in the competition, but they played a fairly good game on Saturday, though not quite good enough to win. The weather was fine but very cold will stop the attendance of spectators was not up to usual standard and the men lined up.

Denaby commence with a warm attack, and breaking through the visitors defence Hardy made a neat centre, but Simon cleared. A good Gainsborough run was made by Wilson, who outwitted Lawley, but the ball was shot too high.

Gainsborough had the best of the game, and Hancock, was kept busily engaged. Again the Gainsborough forward overpowered the Denaby main, Wilson having a clear field. He made a miserable attempt at goal. Denaby could corners were forced by A. Whitehouse and Hardy, but nothing resulted.

Denaby again commenced a siege, and Bullivant had to say from Hardy and McNeil, the latter shooting strictly in.

Some good passing was exhibited by the visitors, and a smart sprint by Broadgate ended in Hancock having to fist away, and a moment later having to save from Barnard. The assault in the own goal lasted two or 3 min, when Chadfield shot the ball out.

After about half an hour’s play. Denaby were allowed a penalty, through Picock tripping McNeil, Lawley scoring the first goal.

Chapman was her, and add to retire for a short time will stop Bullivant had twice to say from Ryans, but no further score occurred to half-time.

In the second half the game was very fast. The visitors goal was in danger, but Simmon got away, and after some good passing Jenkinson shot in, the ball striking the bar. During the next few minutes and good work was done by Dudhill and Shaw.

Exciting play ensued, both goes been hotly attacked in turn, Hancock fisted away from Barnard and Broadgate.

Ultimately Chadfield shot in, the ball rebounding from Pycock´s head into the net, and almost immediately following Bullivant had again to fist away a shot from the same player.

The visitors at the best of the game for the next few minutes, and Barnard had hardlines in not scoring. The game continue fast to the finish, the visitors were unable to score, and when the final whistle sounded Denaby had won by two goals to none

Team: Hancock, goal; Lawley and Dudhill, backs; Shaw, Chadfield and John Whitehouse, halfbacks; A Whitehouse, Ryans, Chapman, McNeil and T Hardy, forwards