Novel Wager – Colley’s Pig Powders and Their Worth

October 1887

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 14, 1887

A Novel Wager

Colley’s Pig Powders and Their Worth.

A novel wager was laid at Conisbro’ on Monday, the 4th inst., respecting the weight of a pig, which is worth publishing. A friend of Mr. Moody’s, the host of the Alma Inn, posited a wager to the effect that it was impossible for a pig to gain eight pounds in weight in one week.

Mr. Moody, knowing the value of Colley’s pig powders, and having some pigs on the premises by which he could soon test the experiment, accepted the wages.

Without any delay one of his pigs were weighed by Mr. Simpson, who declared it to be exactly five stones five pounds.

On the Monday morning following the “porker” was again weighed by the same gentleman, who vouched it to weigh seven stones, being an increase of exactly one stone nine pounds in seven days.

The wager was, therefore, declared in favour of Mr. Moody, who attributes his success to the use of Colley’s pig powders. The pig which has won the wager for Mr. Moody by being so good natured as to eat these famous powders along with its food, which consisted the barley meal, die., may be seen at any time at the Alma Inn, Conisborough.