Nuisance Van Dweller

April 1935

Mexborough and Swinton Times, April 26, 1935

A Nuisance Van Dweller

Albert Platt, the Conisbrough van dweller, was ordered recently by the Doncaster county magistrates to destroy his van within 21 days, was before them again on Wednesday, summoned for begging alms in Conisbrough on March 20.

PC Whitehead gave evidence that he saw Platt approach a number of persons, and finally woman approached witness and complained that Platt had asked for fish and chips. Witness made further observations on Platt, who went to a fish and chip shop nearby. Then witness went towards Platt, who, seeing witness, ran away. After a chase he was caught.

Witness added that he had made further investigations and had found that Platt was approaching customers begging his food, and he was continually annoying shopkeepers, who gave him things in order to get rid of him.

At this point Mr Spencer Baker, Clerk to Conisbrough Urban District Council interposed, and stated he was present to make application for authority to have Platt’s van destroyed by Council officials. Platt had not complied with the magistrates order.

Inspector Wolfe: And he got seven days last time he was here for begging.

Mr M Nokes: Same again then, and you, Mr Baker, can have the authority you require. Platt was not present when the case was heard, but came to court later. The magistrates decided not to hear him, and he was taken into custody