Nylon Stockings in Conisbrough

October 1946

South Yorkshire Times October 5, 1946

Nylon Stockings in Conisbrough

Here is a woman’s note. I saw in Conisbrough on Monday a pair of nylon stockings, sheer gossamer, a trophy of a Swiss holiday. A mere 25s. Worth of beauty. Possessor of this treasure, Miss Mary Day, 13. Conan Road, a member of the modern school staff, explained that American, Swiss and French manufactured nylons were available in Switzerland, but they were advised to purchase the American as the Americans have developed most perfectly the finish of the nylon yarn.

Miss Day without doubt bought an example of their craft passing fair – but she had a dismal morsel of news to pass along. In Switzerland she was told by a British acquaintance in the trade that they gravely doubted whether nylons would become available for general sale in this country. Nylons, he said, do not wear out quickly enough for the good of business!

Manufacturers, beware, if such be the case, or 25 million British woman will know the reason why.