Obituary – Mr A. Caddick – Conisbrough’s Oldest Resident (picture)

September 1951

South Yorkshire Times, September 29th, 1951

Obituary – Mr A. Caddick

Conisbrough’s Oldest Resident

At 9.15 a.m. on Tuesday, 90 years old Mr A Caddick of 27, Highfield Road, Conisbrough’s oldest inhabitant walked to his allotment, which he loved so much.

Hair an hour later, he was found dead, following a heart attack.

Mr. Caddick was a member of Conisbrough’s Over 60’s club. A few days before his 90th birthday, in June, he took part in the Miners’ Demonstration Rally at Pontefract. Though he did not join in the march, he said at the time, “I watched and enjoyed it all.”

He was born in Willenham, South Staffordshire, in 1861, and was married in Mexborough Parish Church at the age of 28, and for 16 years he worked at Edlington Colliery. When he retired in 1930 he started market gardening.

Thirty yards from his house was a rough piece of land. On which he built a large greenhouse, and where he cultivated tomatoes. It was by the side of this greenhouse that he was found dead.

The funeral takes place to-morrow at Conisbrough Cemetery.