Obituary – Mr Joseph Hill

January 1889

South Yorkshire Times January 25, 1889

Obituary – Mr Joseph Hill

An old and respected inhabitant has been removed from our midst. I refer to Mr. Joseph Hill, who was found dead in bed on Sunday morning, January 6.

He always slept in a room above his shop, his son living in a house the other side of the road. On Saturday evening, it is said, that the old gentleman was in the best of spirits, and partook of a hearty tea.

On Sunday morning his grandson went to call him up, about ten o’clock, and could not make him hear, so he obtained a ladder and got in through the bedroom window, where to his surprise he found his grandfather half out of bed

It la supposed the severe cold seized him as he rose to get up.

Mr. Hill was, born at Calvert and, in Notts on March 18 ,1807, so if he had lived until the 18th Of March this year, he would have B 92 years old.

Active and industrious to the last; day by day he was to be found sitting on his stool repairing boots and shoes, as he was a shoemaker by trade, and helped his son in the business.

For many years he was the collector for the Conisbrough Funeral Club and only three years ago he gave up, having held the appointment for over 40 years.

For 17 years he was parish constable, until the West Riding Police were stationed there. He was a most regular attendant and faithful communicant at church.

The sympathies of the whole village with the surviving relations – especially his eldest son – Mr George Hill – who is seriously ill, and whom I trust will soon be restored to health and strength again.

The funeral took place on Wednesday, January 9. The distance from the house where the diseased lived was short, so that the corpse was carried, and was met at the entrance to the churchyard by the Vicar (the Reverend J.G. Wood).

The chief mourners were Mr John Hill and Mr Fred Hill. Amongst those present at the service of Mr John Downing, Mr George Smith, Mrs Morley, Mrs Crookes, Mr Pearson, Mr Ewald, Mr and Mrs Simpson, and Miss Cudworth. All the funeral arrangements are carried out most satisfactorily by Mr G Appleyard, the undertaker.