Denaby Utd – Denaby 3 Sheffield 0 – Easy Victory for Denaby.

11 October 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, October 11.

Easy Victory for Denaby.

Denaby United 3 Sheffield Club 0

The Denaby players had an easy task on Saturday, when Sheffield Club paid a visit to the colliery ground with the object of trying to get still further in the English Cup qualifying competition.

For one thing the weather was very wet in the first half, and the ground was heavy. These adverse circumstances took all the steam out of the Sheffield club forwards,who were rather more lightly built than their opponents.

Had it not been for the coolness of Bolsover in goal, the Club would have gone down with a much greater score against them.

J Hancock, the goalkeeper, reappeared in the Denaby team, and it was stated that he had only been “lent” to Chesterfield on the previous Saturday for the West Bromwich match.

There was not a large attendance of spectators and the rain drove the majority to take shelter in the stand that was put up last season. The receipts at the gate amounted to £7 10s.

The home 11 kicked from a clue about an, with a strong crosswind and rain against them. Almost from the kick-off A. Whitehouse got going along his wing, and he centred accurately, but the pass was not taken. The Club defence at once realised the danger, and the halves for a few minutes, by combined play and aided by the wind, effectually stopped further advances.

Soon, however, the weight of the Denaby men began to tell, and H.Whitehouse did much to break up the halves, who never again re-formed.

The home left got going, but Hardy did not receive the assistance he expected from Davis (a second team man) and A Whitehouse, on the other wing, was given possession. He centred nicely, and Davis just failed to convert with a man on him. I could play was out of the question, but the Denaby attack was much more loose than it should be, especially as the Club halves were now kicking in a most feeble and erratic fashion.

Davis improved, and gave more help to Hardy, who sent a fine centre to H Whitehouse, which that player put behind, failing in the attempt to score.

The Club men occasionally got down, but were never dangerous. After 30 min play, H. Whitehouse tested Bolsover with a capital shot, which the keeper only feebly returned. Shops at close range resulted in the first corner being conceded to Denaby. This was immediately followed by another.

G Hardy placed the ball beautifully and Bolsover misjudging it the ball went through. After this it was no wonder that the rain ceased, and the sun began to shine.

The home right was again conspicuous, Longley being beaten almost every time by A.Whitehouse. Hardy got in an occasional good pass from the other wing; while once, for Sheffield Club, Simpson sent in a fine low shot at long range, which Hancock threw away.

In the second half Denaby, favoured by the wind, had the best of matters. Within 7 min H Whitehouse got through, but the point was not allowed.

After 20 min a rush was made on Bolsover charge, H Whitehouse headed in, and for once in a while Bolsover took matters too coolly. Before he could throw away Davis darted in like lightning and netted the ball.

This was followed by another feeble attack by the visitors on Hancock this, who had no difficulty whatever in clearing. 30 min from time. Davis shot in and Chadfield converted, Bolsover, not having a chance.

Denaby, those Adderley three clear goals, which they easily maintained until the end will stop the last 10 min each side play 10 men, Chatfield and Skinner retiring Simpson, who played the best game of the visitors side, a lot like getting through ones, but was stopped by Shaw.

Team: J Hancock, goal; G Dunhill and W. Lawley, full-back; Shaw, Chadfield and Sheldrake, halfbacks; A Whitehouse, J Chapman, H Whitehouse, Davis, and T Hardy, forwards.