War Effort – Station Road School – Decontamination Centre – Babies Helmets

October 1939

Mexborough and Swinton Times, October 14.

The War Effort

Station Road School

The shelter trenches at Station Road School are well on the way to completion, but the contractors are for the moment held up for material.

Mr A.E.Platts, headmaster of the junior mixed school, told the “Times” yesterday that if the material for one section came to hand and was completed by the weekend, a start with the school on the basis of permanent opening would be made on Monday with the three top classes, but in any case before the school actually did reopen the parents would received intimation from him by means of circulars.

Mr Platt conducted a “Times” reporter over the trenches, and explained that the steel sections consisted of quarter inch thick steel sheets. Seats will be provided along both sides of the interior of the shelters and down the middle. The paths will be covered with duck boarding and an air pump would also be provided

Decontamination Centre.

Capital progress is being made with the erection of a decontamination centre on a site in Castle Street, opposite the Castle farmhouse. The building, which will have a total length of 55’3″ and the width of 25’6″, is being constructed of brick with a reinforced concrete roof will have two entrances, both of which will be provided with airlocks.

This combination will include a dressing room, 27′ x 23′, and on dressing room, 14 feet 6″ x 11′ inside and a heating chamber (11′ x 8′) for central heating.

Babies Helmets

It had been hoped to distribute the babies A.R.P.helmets in Conisborough this week, but the helmets had not arrived and the distribution as consequently had to be postponed, but immediately they do come to an they will be taken to the mother’s home by air raid wardens. A special scheme has been drawn up which will facilitate the distribution considerably.