Denaby Utd – Oct 18 – Wath 2 Denaby 2 – Denaby Draw at Wath.

October 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, October 18.

Denaby Draw at Wath.

Wath Athletic 2 Denaby United 2

The neighbouring teams of Denaby, and Wath athletic should have met on Monday, the seventh inst., according to the official fixture lists, but it was found that this was a week too soon for Wath Feast, and accordingly the match was postponed until Monday in this week.

There was a much better attendance than is usually seen on the Wath ground, and the fact that Wath and Denaby are the only local clubs left in the qualifying competition of the English Corp made the Sheffield Association League match all the more interesting.

Good combination by the Bros Rothery was witnessed, and from a fine pass by H. Rothery, Arthur beat Hancock, the visitors custodian, with an excellent shot after the game had been in progress. 10 min. Wath, came again But Sheldrake spoiled onto, and the ball was returned.

From a foul close in. Lawley, equalised. Play was of a fast character until the interval.

Early in the second half arguing got the ball just over the crossbar. From the goalkeeper a raceway ensue. The home backs were fairly beaten and Mansbridge in order to save his charge attempts to stop Whitehouse
in his final attempt but the player was too tricky and working his way around the home custodian had no difficulty in scoring.

The excitement continue and, and, urged on by the Cheers or the spectators, Wath played with renewed vigour, and after erratic play by Hunter and Rothery, when a glorious opening, Robinson, place the own team on an equality with their opponents.

The Wath forwards again placed the ball in the net during a scrimmage, but the point was disallowed. Mansbridge cleared at the opposite end and a well contested game ended in a draw.