War Effort – Air Raids – Babies Helmets

October 1939

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 21, 1939

Air Raids.

There was plenty of excitement at Conisborough on Tuesday over the air raids over the East Coast and at least one. Conisborough resident was actually in an area where the sirens were sounded.

This was Mrs G.J.Walker, of Conan Road, who had gone to Scunthorpe to the funeral of her father. The bus in which she was a passenger was pulled up outside a First Aid post and had to remain there for 45 minutes.

“We just sat in the vehicle, no one was afraid, but all the same it was a relief when the `all clear´ went.” Mrs Walker said.

Babies Helmets.

A consignment of 225 babies A.R.P.safety helmets arrived at Conisborough on Tuesday and are being stored at the warden´s headquarters.

No official receipts have been received, and until these arrive, it will not be possible to distribute any helmets, and in any case the authorities deem it inadvisable to distribute this first load, as it represents only a portion of the total requirements.

Altogether, 360 helmets are wanted for Conisborough and it is expected that the remaining, complement will be to hand and shortly.