Denaby Utd – Attercliffe 7 Denaby 1 – Denaby Pulverised by Attercliffe.

4 October 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, October 4.

Sheffield Association League.

Denaby Pulverised by Attercliffe. 

The Denaby team that were sent to do duty at Carbrook on Saturday cannot be congratulated on the results of their first match of the season in the Sheffield Association League. But then the eleven was a curious mixture as will be seen by the names given below. It is no wonder that the visitors found Attercliffe much too good for them. The men faced the referee in the following order :

Sheldrake, goal; Thorpe and Lawley backs; Cartwright, Hadfield and Whitehouse, halfbacks; White, Woodward, McNeill, Hardy and Thomson forwards.

After Denaby had attacked the Attercliffe forwards got going, and as the result of hot work Haywood beat Sheldrake after 20 min play.

Unfortunate for Denaby, Thorpe the right full-back, injured his foot, and had to leave the field, taking no further part in the game.

Neat work on the Denaby left saw Hardy beat Unwin with a fast ground shot making the score 1-1. The home forwards, then made several vigorous onslaughts and Cawthorne put Attercliffe ahead once more. Play ruled fast up to half-time, which arrived with the score:

Attercliffe 2 goals; Denaby 1 goal.

On resuming, it was at once apparent that, favoured by the wind, Attercliffe were going to make matters warm for their rivals, who were playing the one back game, but although they worked the ball well down, the home forwards did not shine particularly in front of goal, several good openings being missed.

At length a mistake by the Denaby back let in Murray, who centred nicely and Jones
put a third goal to the credit of Attercliffe, Sheldrake having no chance.

Play now became confined almost to the Denaby end of the ground.

The Attercliffe lead was increased by Cooke, Green and Cawthorne, while one goal was a result of a scrimmage in the goalmouth.

The result of a poor game was.

Attercliffe 7.  Denaby 1