War Effort – Extra Petrol – Blacking Out – A.R.P. Practice

October 1939

Mexborough and Swinton Times, October 7.

The War Effort

Extra Petrol

Owners of goods vehicles, wishing to apply for an extra petrol ration can obtain copies of Form Z/F/5 a from Venables Ltd, printers, Swinton road, Mexborough. This form gives a weekly record of all journeys must be completed and handed to the Group Organiser.

Blacking Out.

The women of the Parish Church and its daughter churches are accepted the task of choosing material and making black out blinds for the larger windows of the Parish Church and will be busily engaged for some time in doing the necessary sewing.


Mr A. Shelton, of the Council staff, yesterday attended and instructors class to receive instructions on the subject of dealing with unexploded bombs. When the court has been completed. Mr Shelton will conduct lectures here on the same matter.

Ambulance Practice.

A highly successful practice of the local A.R.P.ambulance and first aid parties was conducted on Sunday, when four “casualties”, Miss M Robinson, Mrs Birch and Messrs Eric Appleyard and J Winfield, were stationed at Clifton, and two “casualties”, Mrs J Birch and Mr L. Sheldon, who were at Wroots Lane Butterbusk, were treated.

For the Clifton incident an ambulance and a private car, driven respectively by Mr W Appleyard (who had Mrs Simpkins as a attendant and Mr H.L.Smethurst, left The Priory promptly at 3 pm and after picking up their first aid parties in High Street proceeded to Clifton. At Clifton the patients, all of whom had serious “injuries” were bandaged and treated and the party then returned to the Church Hall within the short space of 25 minutes of their departure. At the church Hall. There was a full squad of first aid workers, who worked under the direction of Drs P.T.Clark (casualty officer) and D.M.Bell and the assisting casualty officer (Mr N.Hulley). The arrangements were so complete that even hot water bottles had been provided!

Mrs Smathers, for the journey, was attired in full light oil skin clothing and general service respirator and helmet and the other drivers were also in full kit.

For the Butterbusk incident. The ambulance was given by Mr C.W.Park and the private car by Mr F. Clarkson, Mrs Clarkson being the ambulance attendant. Despite the fact that they had a gas contaminated case to deal with, these workers only took 25 min to complete their journey.

The Ambulance Officer (Mr G.R.Hill) told the “Times” that he was highly satisfied with the results. Another practice, this time at night, would probably be conducted next week.