Octogenarian’s Suicide – Tragic Discovery at Denaby

May 1947

South Yorkshire Times, May 3, 1947.

Octogenarian’s Suicide
Tragic Discovery at Denaby.

The story of the discovery of a well-known 82 year old Denaby man with his head covered by an army blanket with a gas piping his mouth was told Mr W. H. Carlile (Doncaster district coroner) at a Denaby inquest on Tuesday on Joseph Goulding, retired yeast dealer, 11, Thornhill Street, Denaby.

Goulding, who lost his wife four years ago lived alone.

A verdict that he committed suicide while the balance of his mind was disturbed was recorded.

His daughter, Mrs May Broadhead, 8, Athelstane Road, Conisbrough, stated that her father had complained of chest trouble since his wife’s death and about a month ago complained of pain in his legs and swelling. She and other members of the family had asked him to come to live with them, but he had refused to leave his home.

Mrs Broadhead added that her father seemed depressed after his wife died.

Mrs Annie Mary Mason, of 3, Lees Terrace, Denaby, said that for the past four years she had looked after Mr Goulding and he seemed all right when she left him.

She went to the house the following morning about 8.10. He was then sitting on the bed in the living room with his arms and head resting on the table. His head was covered with an army blanket and he had a gas pipe in his mouth. The gas was turned on. There was a strong smell of gas in the room. She moved the blanket, and her husband came down then.

Dr David T. Clark, Conisbrough said the cause of death was asphyxia due to coal gas poisoning.