Offences in The Mine – Batch of Cases At Doncaster.

November 1907

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 25 November 1907

Offences in The Mine.
Batch of Cases At Doncaster.

On Saturday, at Doncaster, Samuel Mellors, dataller, Conisbro’, was charged with committing a breach of colliery rules at Denaby Colliery.

Ernest Thompson, pony driver, Mexbro’, answered to charge of cruelty to pony in the Denaby Pit. . . It was stated that defendant was driving a pony through a doorway. The pony did not go fast enough and defendant lost his temper and kicked the pony three times on the off-hock and once the belly. , . , , A horse-keeper named Baxter spoke to defendant, and instead of behaving himself defendant threatened to strike him with his lamp. Defendant denied that he kicked the pony and said he caught it accidentally with his heel.

He was fined 20s. which included costs.

Charles F. Dakin, pony driver, Swinton, was summoned for breach of Rule 4 at Manvers Mam Colliery. . A pony driver was leading his pony along the road when defendant began beating the pony on the hind quarters, and though told to stop he continued, and the pony kicked out and caught him in the eye, knocking him down, and he was off work two days.

A fine of 25s., including costs, was imposed.

Harry Johnson, pony driver, Mexborough, was charged with breach of colliery rule 88 by leaving a door open in Manvers Main Colliery. Mr. Baddiley explained that the practice was a dangerous one, and if there had been any gas in that particular district serious consequences might have ensued. Defendant, who did not attend, was ordered to pay 5 s. and 13s. 6d. costs