Offences in the Mine.

October 1918

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Saturday 12 October 1918

Offences in the Mine.

James Haywood, Joseph Brannon, and T. Cooper, miners, the former of Mexboro’ and the two latter of Denaby, were charged at the Doncaster West Riding Court to-day with breach of the Mines Regulations in going into a road other than the travelling road.

Mr. F. Allen who appeared for the prosecution, said that about three weeks ago the men who were employed at Denaby Pit, were found standing in a very dangerous position directly opposite the end of the haulage road, and the case was brought for the men’s own protection.

Mr. H. W. Smith, the manager, said that some time ago there was smash at this junction, and the assistant-manager had very narrow escape.

Haywood was fined £4, and the other defendants £5 each.