Old Denaby Sees the World – Thanks to Miss Ogley’s Enterprise (picture)

January 1950

South Yorkshire Times January 28, 1950

Old Denaby Sees the World

Thanks to Miss Ogley’s Enterprise

A few years ago Miss Mary Ogley, of Pear Tree Cottage, Old Denaby, reading newspaper and poster advertisements relating to plays and variety shows at the neighbouring theatres in Leeds, Sheffield, and some of the other large surrounding towns, longed to see these shows. One day one of the villagers heard her talking about this wish and eventually most of the villagers got to know too. They asked her to organise a village theatre outing, being only too eager to participate. The first outing was organised in i March. 1947. It was to Sheffield to see Charlie Chester. Since then Mary has organised 21 of these trips, the last one being to Bradford earlier this month.

A native of Old Denaby, Miss Ogley was educated at Conisbrough Modern School. She told a “South Yorkshire Times” reporter: “Organising these outings, and giving pleasure to others, is one of my chief interests in life.”

Only one outing was fixed the first year, but now there are six a year, three to the seaside and holiday resorts, and three to surrounding- theatres. The next trip will be to the tulip fields at Spalding on Tulip Sunday (May 7th). Organising these trips is not, of course, Miss has Ogley’s only occupation. She looked after her father, brother and grandfather since her mother died seven years ago. She is also a busy Church worker, being on the Old Denaby Church Council, and she is a magazine distributor, a former Sunday school teacher, and acts as librarian for the village every Monday in the Village School.