Old Denaby Win Fight – Right-Of-Way Over Rail Tracks

May 1956

South Yorkshire Times May 26, 1956

Old Denaby Win Fight
Right-Of-Way Over Rail Tracks

After several months of long discussions and exchange of correspondence with the Central Electricity Board, Old Denaby parish council have finally won their right-of-way over the railway tracks to the River Don.

It was the original intention of the electricity authority to close the crossing for the installation of sidings from Mexborough power station. The council decided that if the crossing is to be closed, a footbridge should be extended over the river.

A letter from the authority was read at last night’s annual meeting of the Parish Council stating that no further development was to take place. Two months ago, representatives from the authority faced a heavy barrage of questions and suggestions from the public at a parish meeting.

The Clerk of the council Mr F. Bailey, submitted his resignation and the council are to seek a successor. Coun. Walter Wright was elected chairman to succeed coun. J. Webster