Old Denaby’s Plight – Water Supply giving out – “S.O.S.” to Conisbrough

May 1935

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 24, 1935

Old Denaby’s Plight
Water Supply giving out
“S.O.S.” to Conisbrough

Some concerns was shown at the meeting of the Old Denaby Parish Council on Wednesday as to the future of All Denaby’s water supply. The discussion wrote from the report Mr G.O. Randerson that the overflow from the Fox Well had given out and the farmsteads nearby were not receiving any water for domestic use.

“It seems to me,” said Mr Randerson, “that Old Denaby is to be again subject to a shortage of water. We have not yet reached the summer season, yet here is one of the principal sources giving out!” Mr Randerson thought it might be possible to raise the matter with the Conisbrough Urban Council with a view to coupling to their supply.

The chairman (Mr W.H.Simpson) said that he did not think the Doncaster Rural Councils allow Conisbrough to encroach upon their preserves.

Mr sRanderson taid that the difficult in the way of an adequate supply for all Denaby had been the exorbitant cost of bringing the main to the village. He wondered if they could arrange some economic a scheme with Conisbrough.

The Clerk (Mr J Brocklesby) said the Doncaster Rural District Council was a water authority, but the Parish Council could make suggestions and he thought that they should point out the need and asked for a survey

Mr. Randerson said he had been pressing for an adequate water supply old Denaby for three years

It was resolved that the matter be taken up anew with the Doncaster authority.

Ferry rights.
Messrs. Randerson and Simpson and the clerk were appointed deputation to me represent his of the South Yorkshire navigation company with a view to purchase of the Mexborough Ferry rights. It seemed that the offer the parish council had made was not sufficiently attractive

Street lighting.
The clerk reported arrangements for the street light of old Denaby had been approved by the Doncaster rural Council. The council now awaited the Ministry of Health approval, but he thought that the lamps will be installed before the next lighting season.

Mason was made of the visit next Tuesday of the Ministry of health representative to consider Old Denaby’s “case” for amalgamation with Conisborough. Messrs. H. Bennett and Randerson and the clerk are to meet the inspector.

The Jubilee.
Mr. Randerson reported the cost of the Jubilee celebrations at Old Denaby to be £22 6s. 2d. He thought that they had done well for the expenditure. The organisation of the “do” was unique in the history of the village; everyone had worked “harmoniously.” He wish to thank all who had helped to make the celebrations successful.

The “invitation” meeting.
Reference was made to the meeting last Thursday, to which all residents but the members of the parish council were invited, called by Mr. J. Earnshaw, resigned clerk. Mr. Earnshaw objected to certain names been included in a petition for amalgamation with Conisborough, but it was described as a petition from residents, and not from local government electors, as was apparently alleged. Mr. Brocklesby said that the fuss was “ridiculous and childish,” and Mr. Randerson said, “the late Clerk called the meeting to vindicate himself in the eyes of parishioners; we reserve the right to reply.”