Old Denaby’s Wooden Houses – Possibility of Alternative Accommodation

February 1937

Mexborough & Swinton Times, February 12, 1937

Old Denaby’s Wooden Houses
Possibility of Alternative Accommodation

“I confidently and optimistically declare that within 12 months, we in Old Denaby will have a plentiful supply of fresh, pure water,” declared Mr G. O. Randerson, at the Old Denaby junior school last night.

This remark was made during questions put to Mr Alec Reynolds, Chief Sanitary Inspector to the Doncaster Rural Council, after he had given a lecture describing the work of sanitary authorities.

The fact that Old Denaby has never had a proper water supply in an old grudge of its residents. Mr Reynald’s said a scheme had been prepared for water to be brought to Denaby by the Doncaster and Tickhill water board, provided Denaby remained in the Doncaster rural district.

All Denaby residents at the meeting expressed concern for the future of those living in wooden structures by the river.

Mr Anderson and Mr Reynald’s explained that alternative accommodation would be found for the people living in such wooden houses. It was not the duty of the Doncaster rural Council to provide alternative accommodation since the houses were classed as individually unfit and not marked in clearance areas; nevertheless the rural authority were taking such steps referring to all people who had put all their savings into wooden buildings in Old Denaby now found to be unfit, Mr Anderson said it would be a crime to worry them. It was not true that they would be bandied into another parish.

“There is no reason,” he said, “for people to feel perturbed or upset, and imagine that they will be turned out of the parish, for every consideration will be given to them.”