Old Man’s Death

November 1946

South Yorkshire Times November 30, 1946

Old Man’s Death

A car driven by a Denaby man, Ellis Capstone, underground fitter, of 52 Annerley Road was involved in an accident at Stairfoot on Saturday which Joseph Beckford Inchcape (70), 111, Barnsley Road, Stairfoot, was fatally injured.

It was stated at the inquest conducted by Mr SHB Gill at Barnsley on Monday, that at the time of the accident it was raining hard and the old man was running across the road with his head down.

Edward Hinchcliffe, motor mechanic, Clun St, Sheffield said his father was a healthy man with good hearing but his site was slightly defective in the left eye.

William Thornton Taylor, bus driver, summer Lane Barnsley, said about 4:15 PM he was driving a bus along Barnsley Road, Stairfoot, towards Barnsley. He picked up passengers at Hunningley Lane and on restarting saw a man who looked to be heading across the road. There were three cars parked on the other side of the road in front of Snell’s garage. A car came slowly down the hill on witnesses offside, and the man hit the side of the car and fell backwards. The car had slackened speed to pass the stationary cars and stopped within about 6 feet. It was raining and dark at the time of the man had his head down.

George Harold Hanquinioux, Labour, 38 Annerley Street, Denaby, said he was sitting next to the driver of the car and the old man crossing the road seem to be stooping down. They stopped immediately and the old man was lying on his side six or 8 feet from the back of the car.

PC Hodges said the driver, Ellis Stone, made a voluntary statement in which he said the man appeared to be hurrying to get away from the bus.

Dr L Friedman, resident casualty officer at Beckett Hospital, said Hinchcliffe died about ¼ of an hour after admission from concussion and shock following a fractured skull.

The Coroner said he accepted the evidence. The old man was rushing across the road apparently thinking he could get through.

A verdict of “death by misadventure” was returned.