One Teacher for Old Denaby – Don Valley Executive Decision

July 1950

South Yorkshire Times July 22, 1950

One Teacher for Old Denaby

Don Valley Executive Decision

Old Denaby school will only have on teacher for its 12 pupils of different ages when it reopens in September. On Wednesday the Don Valley Divisional Education Executive accepted a Finance recommendation, in accordance with a previous decision.

The committee had discussed the matter again following a petition protesting against the reduction of the staff from two.

Coun. T. Baynham said the reasonable thing was to take the children to Mexborough each day.

The Divisional Education Officer (Mr. H. Holmes) said it was a Church school, and the managers felt it should be retained as a part of village life.

Mk. E. Venables said there was a “noisy minority” at Old Denaby. One woman had been asked to sign the petition, which already contained 43 signatures when presented to her, and yet there were not that many residents in the village.

Coun. Baynham said it was ridiculous to visualise one teacher educating 12 children all of different ages properly at the same time