Organ Recital at Conisborough (videos)

December 1898

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 9, 1899

Organ Recital at Conisborough:

On Monday night an organ recital and concert was held at the Conisborough Baptist Chapel, for the benefit of the building fund of the new church.

The church was crowded, and it is expected that a substantial sum will be realised. The principal attraction on the programme was Mr. W H Ibberson, of Sheffield, who was announced to give an organ recital.

Altogether he gave six selections, which were very warmly applauded each time. The assembly fully recognised Mr. Ibberson’s exceptional abilities, and encored him both are firstly. Mr Ibberson is a master hand, and he was in his best form, and this clever manipulation will not, soon be forgotten. Each of his items was a rich treat

Mr. H H Sharp commanded rounds of applause for his delightful solos on the violin, and being a local musician, quickly won the hearts of the congregation. His selections from Handel and Vieuxtemps were rendered in a style very rarely heard in the district, and equal, to say the least, to any South Yorkshire musician.

Turning to the vocalists, the line of the evening was Mr T Nicholson of Hull. His rendition of “Alice, where art thou?” was a masterful effort. Mr Nicholson one vociferous applause. His next song was the best of the evening, “There is a flower that bloomed with,” (Maritana). His beautiful tenor voice was simply perfection in this song, which has never been sung better, not even in the performance of the well-known opera. Of course, he was loudly applauded on each occasion, and at the end of the third song, Mr Nicholson obliged with an encore.

Not far behind Mr Nicholson was Mr W.P.Lewis, was a beautiful rich bass voice. Mr Lewis, who is a resident at Doncaster, sang his songs, in splendid style and evoked hearty praise. His last item, “The warrior bold,” was cheered lustily, and drew forth an encore.

The following was a program

Violin solo, Sonata in F                                   Handel                  Mr. H. H. Sharp.

Song, ‘Alice, where art thou?’                     Ascher                  Mr. C. Nicholson.

Organ solos,

(a) ‘Grand solemn’ march                             Smart.

(b) ‘Theme in’ .A.                                             W. Herat              Mr. W. H. Ibberson, F.R.C.O.

Song “The Windmill”                                       Nelson.                Mr Walter P. Lewis.

Song “There is a flower that bloometh” Wallace                 Mr. O. Nicholson. •

Organ Solos

(a) Andante from Violin Concerto             Mendelssohn

(b) Chorus of angels                                       S Clark                              Mr. W. H. Ibberson, F.R.C.O.

Song “Hear me, ye winds and waves”     Handel                                  Mr Walter P.Lewis

Violin solo,                                                    Reverie                               Vieuxtemps

Song, “My dearest heart,”                           Sullivan,                               Mr. 0. Nicholson.

Song, “Warrior Bold,”                                                                                  Mr. Walter P. Lewis.

Organ solos

    • Toccato in G Dubois
    • March, on the theme of Handel Guilmont                           W. H. Ibberson, F.R.C.O.