Over-Watered Gin and Whisky

March 1886

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 5, 1886

Over-Watered Gin and whisky

George Adwick, landlord of the Eagle and Child Inn, Conisboro’, was summoned for adulterating gin with water.

Supt. Blake said he purchased from the defendant a pint of gin, for which he paid 1s. 8d. The public analyst certified that it was adulterated to the strength of 42½ degrees. –

Defendant said he bought the gin as being 17 degrees below proof, and he only put in the proper amount of water.

Lord Auckland: You mean you have over-watered it?

Defendant: No, it ought to have been 17 under proof, and it is 22.

Lord Auckland: Did you have it tested?

Defendant: I have had it tested since..

A fine of 28s. and 18s. 6d. costs was imposed.

Defendant: Very kind of you.

More Weak Whiskey

Charles Long, landlord of the Star Inn, Conisboro’, for whom Mr. Hall appeared, pleaded guilty to selling Scotch whiskey 38½ degrees under proof, and gin 38½ degrees under proof.

Mr. Hall facetiously remarked that his client sold very little Scotch whiskey and the gin was not so bad.

A penalty of 20s. and costs was inflicted.