Overcrowded Buses – Blue Bus Service – Police Action at Conisbrough

June 1925

Mexborough and Swinton Times June 6, 1925

Overcrowded Buses
Police Action at Conisbrough

Mr. John Guest of Swinton the proprietor of the “Blue Bus Service,” appeared in the Doncaster West Riding Police Court on Saturday on behalf of one of his conductors, who was summoned for “allowing a ‘bus to be overcrowded.”

The Clerk (Mr. E. W. Pettifer) told the bench that this was the first prosecution of the kind in his district. The proceedings were taken under a very old act. Proceedings had been taken in another place, and it had been held that this act was still workable.

P.C. Lund stated that on Saturday, 17th May, he stopped the bus in Doncaster Road, Conisbrough. He asked the accused, Louie Toon, who was a conductor, how many persons she had in the ‘bus, and she said she did not know. Witness counted them and found there were 32 adults and two boys. The ‘bus was a 20 seater.

Mr. Guest said it was a heavy type of ‘bus, and their only object was to get the passengers along.

The Klerk said it was not suggested that the overcrowding was dangerous.

Police Inspector Lumb said they had had orders from the chief constable of the West Riding to take steps to stop the overcrowding of omnibuses.

The bench fined the accused 6s. (30p) and the chairman (Mr. J. Dymond) told Mr Guest he would have to do something to stop the overcrowding of his ‘buses.