Painful Domestic Story at Mexborough

March 1889

Sheffield Independent – Monday 04 March 1889

Painful Domestic Story at Mexborough

On Saturday at the Doncaster West Riding Police Court, John Till, dataller at Denaby Main Colliery, and living at Mexborough, was charged with having deserted his wife Emma Till.

Mr Hattersley appeared for the defendant.

The complainant said her husband had left her and her baby; and sold all the furniture, and left her penniless; and that, but for the kindness of a neighbour, she would have had to remain in the street.

The complainant was closely cross-examined, and she admitted that she got the poker up to her husband, but denied having seized a knife. Her husband threatened to cut her throat.

There was a crowd round the door, and she asked, “Is it a peepshow?” (Laughter.) It was true that she owed rent to the extent of £3 7s 6d, although the amount weekly was only 2s 6d. She further said she did not think the debt was large. (Laughter.) It was true her husband had her “cried down.”

Lord Auckland: What is that?

Mr Hattersley: he sent the bellman round to tell the tradesmen not to give any credit to his wife. (Laughter.)

The complainant confessed that her husband earned from 26 shillings to 30 shillings per week and that he gave her all he got. She then giving something back for himself. (Laughter.) It was true she pawned the clothes, but it was because she was “clammed.” She had to pledge the ring from her finger.

The defendant himself being called said his wife not only got the poker but the tongs also to assault him with, and she threw a knife at him. When he asked her to go to bed, she said if she went she would cut his throat, and he was afraid of her, for she once sent to Mr Ainley for poison for him.

He denied having turned his wife from home, but said he found the door locked against him when he returned from work. The furniture was sold in order to pay for the rent. He had no idea his wife had run him into so much debt. He always gave his wife all the earned, and in order that she might have a good wage he worked eight or nine days a week by being in the pit over time. Yet his wife all the last time we went down the pit shaft that the rope would break and sending down to the bottom. He could not live with her again under any circumstances.

It was decided to grant a judicial separation, husband to pay the wife 9 shillings per week and the costs £1 1s.