Paris Dog Show Successes For Conisbrough Breeder

November 1946

South Yorkshire Times, November 9, 1946

Paris Dog Show Successes
For Conisbrough Breeder

French racehorses may have taken £40,000 from Britain this season, but a Conisbrough miner and well known fancier, Mr G. F. Sissons, and his wife, of 2, St Peter’s Road, have just been over to Paris and beaten the French at their own game – with dogs!

Mr and Mrs Sissons arrived back in Conisbrough on Thursday after securing the smooth Fox Terrier championship at the C. A. T. Championship show in Paris with “Colliery Sunstorm,” a Conisbrough bred dog which Mr Sissons sold to a French lace merchant, M. T. Duvall, in June, and the championship reserve in the Fox Terrier bitch class with “Noni daughter,” a bitch exported to the continent by Mrs Coward (Worksop), which Mr Sisson handled in the ring on behalf of its French owner, Mme Vernes.

In addition Mr Sissons prepared for the show the Scottish Terriers, “Ryland Resolution” and “Ryland Rookline,” which won the Scotch terrier and Scotch terrier bitch Championships for Mrs S. A. Collins, the French wife of a Lowdham (Nottinghamshire) doctor.

This was Mr and Mrs Sissons first trip abroad and both expressed their astonishment at the quantity of merchandise displayed in the Paris shops, but added the warning that it required a rich man to avail himself of the goods on offer.

Shopping in Paris.

Mrs Sissons was not denied, however, the delights of Paris shopping. “The shops were beautiful. I have never seen so many dress shops,” she said, “and I never saw so many fully fashioned stockings. I could have bought 100 pairs if I could have got them across. I tried on a hat, but when we had reckoned the number of francs required we found it was priced at £10, so there was no Paris model for me.”

Mrs Sissons, nevertheless, did bring back some delightful black Brussels lace and, at £3 a pair, some real French nylon stockings, one pair which has gone to Miss Sisson’s daughter, Mrs Jessie Powell, high House farm, Thurnscoe, for looking after the house during her absence.

The lace, now valued at 25 guineas, is being sent to another daughter from Australia – Mrs Kathleen Mae, wife of a Naval lieutenant, now residing at Bishop’s Waltham (Winchester), to be made into an evening dress, and with it has gone a fascinating French toy for Mr and Mrs Sissons, three year old granddaughter, Catherine May.

All the family have received presents and for Mr Arthur Chattell, a St Peter’s Road businessman, Mr and Mrs Sissons brought a French bread loaf, a yard long.