Parish Church Tea

January 1882

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 6.

Parish Church Tea.

The annual parish tea in connection with the Conisborough Church was held in the board schools, on Thursday evening, when about 210 persons sat down to the good things provided by Mr Oliver, of Doncaster, which gave entire satisfaction.

Ladies of the congregation, with their usual kindness, presided at the trays.

After tea, an excellent entertainment was given as follows:

Address by the vicar.
Pianoforte solo, “Heather Bells,”
Mr F. Oxley glee, “Urchins dance.”
Song, “Daffy down Dilly”; Miss Constance Jannings
Duet “Home to our mountains,” Mrs Horton and Mrs Haskett Smith.
Recitation, “Paddy McGee’s dream,” reverent Haskett Smith.
Song, “Thou art weary,” Mrs Haskett’s Smith.
Pianoforte solo, Mr Jannings.
Song, Mr A. Wilson
song, “a summer shower,” Mrs Horton.
Address by the Rev Haskett Smith.
Song, Miss Constance Jannings.
Glee, “the dream of home.”
Address by the Rev George Jannings.
Pianoforte solo, “Day,” Miss Jannings;
Song, “Pussycat and the Owl,” Miss Constance Jannings.
Duet, “Come o’er the Moonlit Sea” Mrs Blakely.
Song,”A Bird in the Hand Is Worth Two in the Road,” Mrs Haskett Smith.
Glee, “Oh My Love.”
Song, Mr A. Wilson
Song, “Twickenham Ferry,” Mrs Horton.
Song Air, “Give My Love to All at Home.”Mr A. Wilson
Glee, “Farewell;” Recitation, “the Irish Schoolmaster,” Mr Worrall.
Song, “Turnham Toll,” Mrs Haskett Smith.
Glee, “Good Night,” Mr GW Oxley.

Mr GW Oxley, presided at the harmonium and great credit is due to him and toall the friend who contributed to the evenings enjoyment. after the programme had been gone through, the “Blessing ” was pronounced by the Vicar and the company separated.

The Christmas decorations of the Church were carried out in an artistic and beautiful manner by the ladies of the congregation with evergreens and scripture mottos. On the principal arch were the words:

“Thou Art the King of Glory, O Christ,” and on the reverse side, “God is Love,”

The font and the pulpit were, as usual, made to look exceedingly beautiful.