Parkgate Seam

December 1921

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 17 December 1921

Parkgate Seam

For some considerably time now coal has been drawn front the Parkgate seam lying under the Barnsley bed at Denaby pit, a shaft having been sunk some time ago for this purpose from the level of the Barnsley workings down to the Parkgate seam.

It has now been decided, I understand, to work the Parkgate seam also from the Cadeby pit, and the well-known “fault” which makes part of the Barnsley seam worked at Cadeby yards below the rest, will be taken advantage of to avoid the excavation of a vertical shaft. A drift will he driven from the lower portion of the Barnsley bed down to the Parkgate seam, and the coal won will be hauled up the incline, this made to the level of the present workings and then sent aloft by the same means as manipulates the present coal.

The decision of the Colliery Company to undertake this piece of engineering is a very cheering sign, and proves that those who have their fingers on the pulse of trade must feel confident that there is a future for the coal trade somewhat brighter than is its present state, though I am glad to know that in our local pits work is more plentiful than in many of the South Yorkshire mines, and we can look forward to a brighter Christmas here than in many mining villages.