Passing of a Denaby Hospital Worker – She Kept Her Promise

February 1950

South Yorkshire Times February 4, 1950

She Kept Her Promise

Passing of a Denaby Hospital Worker

Last week-end the death occurred of Mrs. C. A. Davis (85) at her home of her son and daughter-in-law (Mr. and Mrs- A. H. Davis) 44, Old Road. Conisbrough.

Mrs. Davies was well-known and much esteemed in Denaby Main where she had lived for many years before making her home in Conisbrough.

She was a great favourite at the Fullerton Hospital and the work she did for the hospital was much appreciated.

Many years ago she was a patient in the hospital and said that when she was discharged he will always help the hospital in appreciation of the splendid treatment she had received.

She was faithful to her promise, and made herself a seamstress in a voluntary capacity. Every Tuesday afternoon she was to be seen making her way to Fullerton hospital to carry out her duties. She was affectionately known to the Staff of “Grannie” and her visitsĀ  were just as much enjoyed by the Staff as she enjoyed doing her weekly good deed, which she carried out for about 20 years until failing eyesight compelled her reluctantly to retire.

The Board of Management then in existence, made her a presentation and expressed their thanks and appreciation of her long and faithful voluntary service and made her an Honorary Life Member of the Staff, a gesture of which she was very proud, and while she could, she visited the hospital to renew occasionally the happy friendships she had created there.

At the funeral service at Epworth Hall (Denaby Main) on Wednesday the Matron (Miss Brighton) and Housekeeper (Miss Nock) along with Mr. T. Hoicroft (late chairman of the Board of 144nagement of Fullerton Hospital) attended to pay their last tribute to an old friend and worker for the Hospital.