Path Finding in Denaby Woods

January 1960

South Yorkshire Times January 16, 1960

Path Finding in Denaby Woods

Bleak Denaby Woods, seldom visited at this time of year, have been ‘invaded’ by ” a group of road ‘safety conscious” Conisbrough schoolboys – for pedal cycle ‘scrambles.’

The lads, all of whom live on Conanby estate, decided to brave, the mud, trees and Mid-Jamtary weather, “so that we would be able to lark about the causing any danger to others.”

One cyclist, 14-years-old, Martin Cairns, told our reporter:

“We did not want to dash about the streets. All the lads are dead keen, but as yet we have not hold out a definite course. We do not mind the mud or the trees; in fact it is fun dodging around them.”

Among the other `scramblers’ are Malcolm Lockwood, Peter Rylott, Christopher Haigh, Frederick Wood, Keith Preece and Leonard Middleton.

Many of the machines the boys ride cost only a few shillings. Said Martin: “I bought mine for 9s a few weeks ago.”

Last word from Mrs Cairns: “I do not mind and tearing about the wards, but Oh!, the mud. His bike is covered in it when he comes home.”