Pensions for The Rest Of Their Lives

August 1937

Leeds Mercury – Tuesday 10 August 1937

Pensions for The Rest Of Their Lives

There was good news to-day for the 17 surviving widows, who, at ages ranging from 50 to 70, are dependent upon the Cadeby Colliery Disaster Fund.

Instead of facing the prospect of financial distress they are now assured of their weekly pensions for the rest of their lives. A few weeks ago the Disaster Fund was said to be virtually bankrupt and the plight of the Cadeby widows, whose husbands were among the 89 men killed in the Cadeby Colliery explosion of 1912, appeared so black that questions were raised in the House of Commons by Mr. Tom Williams, M. P. for Don Valley.

A satisfactory solution has now been reached. The Denaby and Cadeby Home Coal Carting Committee, whose members comprise the workmen at the Denaby and Cadeby Main Collieries, decided that if the colliery proprietors would agree to meet half the annual financial expenditure of the Fund they would agree to shoulder the other half, and the colliery company have agreed to do so.

The annual expenditure is about £104.