Persistent Cruelty at Conisborough

April 1902

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 04 April 1902

Persistent Cruelty at Conisborough

David Bamforth, a miner of Conisboro’, was summoned by his wife, Lydia Ann Bamforth, for aggravated assault committed at Conisboro’ on the 26th March. She also summoned him for persistent cruelty

Complainant stated that about 11 o’clock on Sunday, the 26th March, the defendant assaulted her in the house. The defendant seized her by the throat and said he would cut her head off.

They had been married ten years and for the past five year the defendant had been persistently cruel towards her. She had three children. Her husband could earn 10s. a day.

Several witnesses corroborated.

Defendant had nothing to say.

For the assault defendant was fined 10s. and costs, 18/3, and in the persistent cruelty case he was ordered to pay the costs, 25/9. A separation order was granted, the defendant to contribute 15s per week, his wife to have the custody of the children.