Petty Thefts – Denaby Plumber Was a Good Character.

August 1912

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 17 August 1912

Petty Thefts

Denaby Plumber Was a Good Character.

A plumber named Harold Ackroyd, of 64 Doncaster Rd, Denaby, was brought up in custody charged by the Denaby and Cadeby Collieries Co Ltd, with stealing a quantity of tools, valued at 10/–.

Mr Frank Allen, who prosecuted, said the prisoner had access to the stores, and being engaged in repairs at all hours of the day and night he was not subject to the same supervision perhaps as other men. Suspicion was aroused, and the colliery watchman, Joseph Grainger, gave information to the police. The Colliery Company desired, if possible, to put a stop to this paltry pilfering.

He understood that the prisoner had a good character, and it was regrettable that he should have forfeited it and degraded himself to the level of a common thief.

Joseph Grainger said that he, in company with PC Rushton, visited the prisoner’s house, and questioned him about some solder. He said he had not any, but admitted having taken other things from time to time. The other things were in a bucket. They included a hammer, to soldering irons, one plug, three belt laces, two files, two copper studs, one chisel, a quantity of galvanised wire, certain nails and screws, and a piece of solder.

Prisoner pleaded guilty.

“He has been with us 10 years, and we regret that he has lost his character,” added Grainger.

The Chairman said the Bench did not wish to send the prisoner to prison, although they could do so. He would be fined 20/–.