Pigeon Cotes Raided At Conisbrough

August 1958

South Yorkshire times August 30, 1958

Pigeon Cotes Raided At Conisbrough

Conisbrough Police are making enquiries  concerning a theft of eleven prize pigeons valued at a  total of £100 which were taken from three separate pigeon cotes on Conishrough Northcliffe  allotments over the week-end.

One of the owners Mr. “Bunny” Hanson, of 74, Northcliffe Road, Conisbrough, is so upset over the loss of one of the birds—a prize blood red breeding hen—that he is offering a £10 reward for the return or information leading to the return of this bird.

Mr. Hanson, who runs a window cleaning business in Conisbrough told a “South Yorkshire Times” reporter that this bird was valued at about £20. It had not won a race but had mothered several winners. Mr. Hanson had three of his best birds stolen, from his cote of about 40 birds.

Mr. Brian Mead, a collier, of 10, Barnsley Avenue, Conisbrough, had four of his best birds taken. Mr. Arthur Goucher, a brickyard employee, of 88, Daylands Avenue, Conisbrough, had four birds stolen.

The three pigeon cotes were all entered in the same manner. The centre door of each cote was apparently smashed open with a hammer and then the other doors were opened from the inside. The, hammer was left lying nearby. Hanson said that all the birds taken were the pride of each cote and whoever took them must have known something about pigeons,