Pit Lad’s Carelessness of Danger

October 1896

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 9, 1896

A Pit Lad’s Carelessness of Danger.

Joseph Johnson, pony driver. Cadeby, was charged with a breach of special rule number 69 at Cadeby Main Colliery on September 25

The defendant pleaded guilty.

Mr Pawson, who prosecuted on behalf of the Colliery company, said that on the day in question the defendant was in charge of a train of 30 corves. There should have been four lockers to the train, but the defendant had none. He was going down a gradient of one in 50, and the slightest thing might have caused the train to dash to the pit button.

The defendant had been warned, but had persisted in running the chain without lockers.

The chairman;What is a locker?

Mr Pawson: A kind of brake

The chairman: Do you press the case?

Mr Pawson: No

Fined £1 including costs