Pit Offences – Box of Matches, Pony Stampede and Returning Horses

December 1915

Sheffield Telegraph Saturday, 20 November 1915

Pit Offences

William Brooks, dataller, Denaby who was employed at the Denaby pit, was at Doncaster today fined 15 shillings on the Coal Mines Act for taking a box of matches into the mine.

He said he was a non-smoker, and it was an inadvertence.

Thomas Whitehead, pony driver, Denaby, was ordered to pay 20 shillings for disobeying the orders of a corporal. Defendant was kept back with his pony at a junction in order other men go through, and he stampeded eight other horses, causing considerable inconvenience. He also fought with a pit Lad at the top who had spoken to him below.

Albert Bloomfield, pony driver, for not returning his horse to the horseman, was fined 40 shillings; and Thomas Hambrey, pony driver, Denaby was fined 20 shillings for a similar offence.

George Dodd, 15, pony driver, Denaby, was fined 50 shillings for failing to put a locker in some tubs at the head of incline, and for cruelty to a pony.